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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Simplest Method to Download Facebook YouTube and other Top websites videos

If you have been finding it Difficult to download YouTube videos, you are on the right article as I will show you how to download YouTube videos without needs to add SS to the url address bar but with the help of an Extension from you will be able to download Facebook, Youtube, and other websites of your choice.

An integration of the Add-on to your browser will do the work thereby you don't need any extra effort whatsoever on your part to start downloading the video of your choice. Browser you can include the Extension include Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft browser and even UC Browser. After installing the add-on from safe from, You can simply download any video of your choice with the embedded download button from the website and save the video with the quality preference of your choice.

Facebook is not left behind as you can download Facebook videos with it from newsfeed, Messages, Comments, the mouse power appear enabling you to download via the hover by tapping on it and choose your preference quality.

Where to Download the Extensions 

Get to download the Add-on From Helper extension here and all what you need to know is already include on the same page

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